Amy Grant Tells Her Care Giving Story
Katharine Prince | Aug 4, 2014
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Amy Grant’s own mother, who she used to sing her songs privately to, suddenly had no clue she was even a singer. Amy shares her story with other caregiver’s to help them deal with the same challenges that she has faced, and so they have the ability to not go through this process alone. She relates her story of care giving with her passion for writing songs and music. To Amy, the most effective way to be a caregiver is to communicate effectively with those involved around you, especially starting with being honest with each other. She explains that a way of communicating is letting everyone in the family, including her young daughter; know what was happening to her mother, and what to do when the time came when she couldn’t remember her own granddaughter. Amy’s family not only grew closer together, but faced many conflicts as well. She speaks about being not only being patient with her parent’s, but to her sister’s as well to keep the little faith they had alive.

Amy Grant
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