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Kimberly Becker | Oct 11, 2013
Title: Editor
Topic category: Health and Wellness

There are so many interesting groups, societies and organizations these days that hold gatherings which are informative and fun.  You can locate these events in your newspaper, search online, watch for public service announcements on TV or listen for them on the radio.

Recently, we discovered a film society meeting, this is where a leader tracks all the movies showing and gives a brief synopsis along with their critique of the story and the actors. 

Everyone is invited to comment and share other information on films that they may have seen in smaller theaters, or in another town.  The group has coordinated a day trip to a nearby city to see a foreign film at a quaint small theater and then enjoy coffee before returning.  These outings allow them to socialize on another level and get to know one another better. 

The beauty of the film society is that you plan to see at least 3 movies prior to the next monthly meeting and
it creates something to look forward to.  We highly recommend this type of group!

For other ideas on entertainment and educational outings please visit Future Years online.

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