How to Close Online Accounts & Services When Someone Dies
Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Jun 24, 2014
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What if you wanted to completely unplug and delete or cancel all of your digital accounts? (Except, of course, for your Everplans account. Hint, hint!) How many accounts do you have? Between email, social media, entertainment, shopping, finance, health, probably way more than you think.

We’re here to help. Below is an alphabetized list of dozens of popular services and how to cancel each and every one. While the main focus is how to close these accounts after someone dies, digital estate planning laws, which are handled on a state-by-state basis, are drastically behind the times. Currently, the majority of people are at the mercy of the "Terms and Conditions" set forth by each specific digital service offered. (Example: Currently, everything you bought on Apple's iTunes expires upon your death. Doesn't seem fair, does it?) Until legislation catches up to reality, it's important to share important information with someone you trust and let them know what you want done when you're gone.

But rather that focus solely on death, this is also a robust snapshot of the many services available on this great internet of ours. And, while we’re not here to judge, if you still have an active MySpace account then it might be time to do some spring cleaning.

A massive alphabetized list with more than 50 popular services and how to cancel each and every one. Enjoy!

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