Time for Journaling…
Kimberly Becker | Oct 7, 2013
Title: Editor
Topic category: Health and Wellness

"A caregiver’s days are consumed by serving others and putting out fires. Yet they seldom receive warmth and reciprocal regard.

There is a critical need for peaceful, compassionate spaces for caregivers to relax, reflect, vent and process decisions in a logical rather than stress fueled, spontaneous emotional manner.

Is taking precious time out of an already stressed schedule to journal worth the time?"  ~ as posted in a blog from Laura Wood.

The process of journaling has been a huge part of my life from diaries to notebooks to fine leather bound books of endless blank pages.  These words, sometimes stories, tales and poetry define my life as I age.  They are a wonderful source of enjoyment when we can remember the good times, the growth spurts and our future hopes and dreams.  ~ Kimberly A. Becker

Article from The Caregivers Space on Journaling.

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